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“It's impossible”It is all the beginning of a breakthrough

Shenzhen xin hui branch co., LTD. Was established in2003Years,Is located in shenzhen baoan district fuyong phoenix mountain forest park nearby,Is engaged in induction cooker、IHThe research and development of product of intelligent household appliances such as rice cooker、Design、Production and sales of national high and new technology enterprise。

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Independent intellectual property rights



IHThe whole machine

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2017Xin hui family night—“Happy struggle,Share the results”End teeth the party a success

2017ForCHKIs a year of nirvana reborn,The new cell injection,Let meCHKFrom inside to outside to look brand-new,AllCHKPeople on2018Full of hope and struggle of will。201...


The boss appliances leadership visit to xin hui

7Month14Day,Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co., ltd. research and development department always、Mr.wong and purchasing a total of to the meng xin hui...


Shenzhen xin hui group, dongguan branch officially launched

2018Years7Month26Day,Shenzhen xin hui group held a grand ceremony of the dongguan branch in dongguan factory。...